The Benefits of Dental Contouring from a Cosmetic Dentist Office

Posted on: December 18, 2015


If you live in Vista, CA and do not like the appearance of your teeth, call our cosmetic dentist office at (760) 692-1065.  At El Camino Dental Arts, we offer a variety of solutions for transforming the shape, size, and shade of your teeth.  Dental contouring is one of those options.  To find out if you are a candidate for dental contouring from a cosmetic dentist, schedule an appointment with our 92081 dentist office.  In the meantime, here is what you should know about the procedure.

The Process of Dental Contouring

When you visit our Vista cosmetic dentist office, we will examine you and take x-rays to determine the condition of your teeth and where the pulp is located.  We will then discuss what you do not like about your smile and make a plan for how to correct those problems.  When you are ready for the procedure, we can give you mild anesthesia, but typically all that is necessary is to numb the area we are working on.  Next, we will make marks on your teeth to use as a guide for what part of the enamel we need to remove.  By using dental tools and abrasive strips we can eliminate small portions of the enamel that are causing the misshaping, crookedness, overlap, etc.  Once the enamel has been removed, the teeth will be smoothed to eliminate any rough edges and then polished.  Very often, we will place dental bonding material on the tooth to complete the process.  Bonding material is tooth-colored and can be used in combination with contouring, or alone to restore cracked or chipped teeth. The bonding material is placed on the teeth, artfully shaped, and then hardened using a special dental light.  Shaping and contouring teeth requires the expert hand of an artful cosmetic dentist.  After all, the new appearance of the teeth in question are not being created in a dental lab.  They are being created while you are in the dental chair. 

A Cosmetic Dentist Uses Dental Contouring to Solve These Problems:

  • Make teeth the same size. 
  • Adjust crooked teeth.
  • Fix cracked teeth.
  • Restore chipped teeth.
  • Adjust your bite by making small changes to your teeth.

The benefits of dental contouring from a cosmetic dentist office are so great that you should seriously consider this option before visiting an orthodontist.  In many cases, dental contouring can solve the aesthetic challenges with your teeth to the point that braces are no longer necessary.  As a cosmetic dentist, we prefer this option for minor malocclusion and overlapping teeth because the process is much faster and easier for our Vista, CA patients. Instead of needing to wear braces for a year or two, and needing to adjust your routine accordingly, you can improve your smile in one or three visits to our 92081 cosmetic dentist office. 

To schedule an appointment with El Camino Dental Arts, call our Vista office at (760) 692-1065.  We can examine you and determine if you are a good candidate for dental contouring.

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