Professional Teeth Whitening FAQ’s

Teeth WhiteningWhen considering teeth whitening, we know you are going to face a veritable barrage of choices. The reality is that the popularity of teeth whitening has made it a household pursuit, with billions of dollars in sales driving an insatiable industry. As a result, what you have is a marketplace saturated with hundreds of products, advertising that promises instant and fantastic results, and a patient that is often more confused than when they first started out. With that in mind, here are some frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

Is there more than one way to whiten my teeth?

Yes, people can have them professionally whitened or try a DIY kit from the drug store. The first question people need to ask is if they want to try multiple products and attempt to find the one that is best. In other cases, people may prefer to come in and allow us to handle the entire teeth whitening process. When starting to look at the nuances of teeth whitening, it may not seem like much until the individual pays attention and realizes how complicated it can be without professionals.

For example, the patient will want to know what teeth whitening kits can offer the right amount of whitening solution, while making sure it is not too much. The patient will also need to ask what to do about individual teeth or teeth that are unevenly stained.

Are the results the same no matter what?

No, they are not. The only way to guarantee a dramatic change is to schedule a professional teeth-whitening. Perhaps the most important question of all is what to do if an individual does not get the results he or she desires. Most people make the mistake of using a product over and over again with the hope that eventually their teeth will be white enough.

Overuse is the most common reason why people who are whitening their teeth end up needing to see the dentist since it can result in sensitivity and weakening of the teeth. Keep in mind that to whiten teeth, one needs to use an oxidization process that releases free radicals into the enamel. We recommend that, at the very minimum, patients consult with a dentist before using any product that can influence the condition of the teeth.

This is not an issue when one has a professional teeth whitening because our solution will work to remove the deep stains and discoloration from within the teeth. This way, one can see positive results on the first attempt.

How is the whitening solution applied?

Apart from the solution containing the whitening ability, the most important part of a teeth whitening kit are the trays. These trays are designed to do two things: fit over the teeth and hold the solution that will do the whitening. The objective is for the whitening trays to keep the whitening solution in constant contact with the enamel for the duration of the whitening process.

However, this is where mass manufacturing fails to meet the same standards as a teeth whitening dentist. When you come in to see the dentist, the trays we use are custom-fabricated for your teeth. This captures every nuance and every millimeter of your unique teeth. As a result, you get a clean product application that does not get everywhere and maximizes the whitening ability.

On the other hand, the over the counter products are mass produced using a one-size-fits-all approach to their trays. More often than not, this allows the whitening solution to leak onto the sensitive gum tissue or does not provide an even coating of the whitening solution, bringing about uneven results.

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