Our Vista Dental Office Gives Advice for a Happy and Healthy Mouth

Posted on: January 24, 2019

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If you want to have a healthy mouth, our Vista dental office has some important, helpful tips for you. This list will set you on the path to excellent oral health.

Tips for a healthy mouth

Adjust your diet to maintain white teeth

If you love red wine, tea, black coffee or even smoking, your teeth will bear the brunt of these foods. Dark foods and drinks can stain your teeth and make them unappealing. The same applies to dark juice, colas and gravies. To prevent staining your teeth, brush soon after eating or drinking, or you can eat an apple to clean your teeth if brushing is not immediately possible.

Change your toothbrush regularly

Ensure you replace your toothbrush every three months, including the head of your electric toothbrush. Bacteria usually accumulate on the brush bristles over time, and using a single brush over a long time could mean reintroducing bacteria into your mouth every time you brush. Additionally, worn bristles do not clean effectively.

Floss regularly

Sometimes food debris gets stuck between the teeth; when it builds up on the teeth, it causes plaque and ultimately dental decay. Flossing takes only about two minutes. Make it a habit to floss at least twice daily.

Use apple cider vinegar

Use natural multipurpose mouthwash such as apple cider vinegar. Swish in the morning before brushing. It will help remove discoloration from the teeth, whiten them and reduce bacteria in the oral cavity.

Reduce your sugar intake

Bacteria present in the mouth feast on sugar. When you fail to clean them off your teeth, bacteria eat the enamel to generate acid. The acids bond with food debris, bacteria and saliva to create plaque. The plaque degrades the enamel, creating tiny holes that mark the beginning of cavities. Reduce your sugar intake and replace soda with water or regular gum with sugar-free gums.

Visit the dentist regularly

Experts suggest visiting the dentist at least twice a year. Book an appointment with our Vista dental office every six months for deep cleaning of the gums and teeth. During those appointments, we will carefully examine your mouth to detect the presence of any dental issues before they become complicated.

Brush optimally to get the best results

You should brush at least twice daily: When you wake up in the morning and before retiring for the night. The reason is that saliva (which naturally cleanses the mouth) production reduces when sleeping. Brushing before bedtime reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth. When you brush early in the morning, you will eliminate any plaque that accumulated while you were sleeping.

Eat foods that clean

Celery, apples, raw carrots and popcorn are excellent food choices that clean the teeth naturally. Eat them after meals if brushing your teeth after a meal is not convenient. They are beneficial and contribute vitamins and fiber to your body.

Give our Vista dental office a call or make an appointment for more advice for a happy and healthy mouth. 

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