Home Care After Periodontal Disease

Posted on: August 5, 2019

Periodontal disease is a serious issue that can lead to gum recession, loose teeth and eventual tooth loss. Subsequently, it is important to visit the dentist anytime symptoms of periodontal disease are present. Your dentist can diagnose the cause, treat the underlying issue and provide tips on how to care for your oral health after treatment. 

Oral health tips after periodontal disease

There are certain care techniques each person should have in place in order to prevent periodontal disease, especially for those who have gone through gum disease treatment in the past. The following are five useful care tips on how to treat and prevent periodontal disease from returning. 

Brush several times a day

Brushing your mouth several times each day is important. A common mistake is only brushing the visible surface of the teeth, rather than the hard to reach areas, behind teeth and the gums. The fact is bacteria and food particles build up on the gums just the same as they do teeth, and brushing the gums gently keeps them clean and free from disease. 

Use floss and mouthwash

Floss and mouthwash remove all of the food particles and kill any remaining bacteria that exist after brushing. Even when brushing thoroughly, it is hard to get each area of the mouth, especially in between teeth, along the gum line and towards the back of the mouth. By flossing and using mouthwash at least once each day, the chance of developing periodontal disease becomes far less likely.

Check for any complications

Periodontal disease often has a slow onset, but the problem is not enough people check for the signs on a regular basis. The time to seek treatment is not after the symptoms become severe, but rather in the early stages when the complication is easy to reverse. Be sure to check the gums each day for any signs of swelling, discoloration or recession. 

Avoid harmful foods and drinks

When sugar and other carbohydrates combine with bacteria that naturally occur inside the mouth, an acidic reaction happens, which eats away at the gums and leads to periodontal disease. Subsequently, dentists encourage patients to limit the consumption of harmful foods and drinks, such as foods high in sugar, sticky foods and dark beverages.

Visit the dentist regularly

Most of the care for periodontal disease treatment and prevention happens each day at home, but it is still important to visit the dentist for all scheduled check-ups and cleanings. Your dentist can examine your gums for any signs of disease, clean the gums and teeth to prevent issues from developing and recommend how to care for your oral health through daily oral care. 

Talk to a dentist about periodontal disease

The longer periodontal disease remains untreated the more serious the issue becomes, and the inevitable result for many is tooth loss. On the other hand, early treatment is highly successful. If you are experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease, then feel free to reach out to us today and schedule a time for an oral examination and cleaning. 

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