Helpful Tips for Adjusting to Braces

Posted on: August 3, 2019

Braces are often necessary for people who have teeth that are very crooked or if they have an issue with jaw alignment. While these appliances do resolve dental problems, adjusting to them is not always easy. You might have issues with discomfort or eating because of your orthodontic device.

Helpful tips for adjusting to braces

You are likely familiar with traditional metal braces. However, there have been advances in dentistry, which have allowed for ceramic braces to be produced too. Both metal and ceramic braces involve the same layout within the mouth; the only difference is the material. Installation to be uncomfortable and might leave your mouth sore at first. Here are some ways to adjust to your braces.

Change what you eat

Initially, braces can be pretty uncomfortable, and one way to adjust to them is by altering what you eat. Chewing on food will likely increase the discomfort, so if you change what you are eating, then it may help reduce some soreness.

Adjusting to a softer or liquid diet during the initial days after your braces are put on or adjusted can be helpful. There will not be a significant need for the teeth to be used, which should help reduce some of the discomfort.

Implement a cleaning routine

One helpful tip for adjusting to braces is to follow a cleaning routine each day. Food can get stuck in your braces very easily, and it may cause bad breath or decay. It can be helpful to adopt a cleaning routine so that your teeth remain healthy while wearing braces.

While braces do straighten your teeth out, they do not protect your teeth against damage. It is still imperative to keep your teeth clean each day. Some people opt to brush after every meal to prevent anything from building up around the brackets. Ask your orthodontist for ways to clean around the brackets and bands.

Over-the-counter medication

Immediately after braces are placed, you might experience pressure or discomfort. The teeth likely are adjusting to the newly tightened appliances. Using over-the-counter medication for a couple of days can help reduce soreness.

Avoid anything chewy, sticky or hard

An important tip to follow when adjusting to braces is to avoid foods or candies that are extremely hard, sticky or chewy. All three of these consistencies can do serious damage to the braces. When a bracket breaks, it can bring some annoying discomfort. When braces are put on, they need to set in place. If they break, you will have to see the orthodontist for another uncomfortable visit.

Are you considering braces?

Getting braces is a wonderful way to correct your smile. While discomfort is expected, you should not experience any pain from orthodontic treatment. We strive to ensure our patients get professional service and provide them with everything they need to adjust to braces.

If you are thinking about getting braces, call our office. You can schedule a consultation to learn more about the process and ask questions.

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