An Emergency Dentist in Vista Can Help Your Kids When They Need It

Posted on: August 15, 2016

Emergency DentistIs your child’s dentist an emergency dentist? What we mean by this question is, if they were to wake up with a terrible toothache at 1 a.m. or crack a tooth at a late evening barbeque, would you be able to call your dentist and have them rush your child in for an urgent treatment? If you answered that you do not know, you are actually like 90 percent of the patients we see daily. Most people never plan for an emergency. Even fewer plan for a dental emergency because it rarely ever crosses anyone’s mind that there is a possibility that you might need urgent dental attention someday. It is, however, a good question to ask your dentist. If they are not an emergency dentist, then you should switch to our Vista office right away.

There is nothing worse than needing urgent treatment for a toothache and not being able to get it because you do not have the resources available. Dental emergencies, especially accidents, are much like medical emergencies and must be treated as soon as possible. Even in cases where the care is needed because of a rabid toothache caused by a disease or infection, getting treatment quickly can help offset the disease and may also help save your child’s tooth.

An emergency dentist for your child will not typically be found in an emergency room. This is because we are a specialty provider that is specially trained in dealing with dental issues. The unfortunate part is that too many people are now seeking help for their urgent dental situations at an emergency room. While it makes sense from a logical point of view, ER doctors are not trained to provide dental care. According to a study that was done recently by Federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the number of American’s that are seeking emergency dental care at an emergency room has gone up by 16% over a 3 year period. Typically, however, you will not get the kind of treatment that you need in for your teeth in the emergency room of your local hospital. This is because when you have an issue with your child’s teeth. The skilled physicians at the emergency room are not trained in dental practice. While they will be able to treat some of the symptoms, they will not be able to diagnose or treat any of the causes of your symptoms.

There are any number of reasons why kids need urgent health care in an emergency room or at an emergency dentist office. This ranges from kids that have knocked out a tooth to people who have a severe toothache that cannot wait until morning. The thing that you need to realize about toothaches is that it can be nothing, or it can be a symptom of something much more severe like periodontal diseases. Seeing a dentist for tooth pain is always the best course of action. As an emergency dentist for kids, we know that the chance of your child needing urgent care at some point is relatively high.  With that in mind, we offer extended and weekend care when you need it.  Regardless of what day or time it is, call our Vista office so that they can obtain the care they need without delay.

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