Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Veneer Options

Posted on: May 3, 2019

Dental veneers have been used to create perfect-looking smiles for over a century. What was once only for Hollywood's elites, is now available to the general public. A veneer is a thin, tooth-shaped prosthetic that serves as a cover for the front of a person's tooth. It hides all the flaws behind it, and it appears to be a perfect-looking real tooth.

Issues dental veneers are used to deal with include:

  • Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Minor alignment issues
  • Improving the appearance of small/short teeth
  • Chipped teeth

The different types of dental veneers

There are two main kinds of veneers that are popular with dentists. These are composite and porcelain veneers. Time to take a closer look at each type in more detail.

1. Composite veneers

Dentists typically make this veneer in office, so it only takes a single visit to get them. It is an excellent option for people that are looking to instantly restore their smile when they walk into the dentist's clinic.

2. Porcelain veneers

A dentist does not usually make a porcelain veneer in office, and they typically order them from a lab. They are customized for the patient and require two visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the dentist will take a digital image or an impression of the patient's mouth. They send the information to the lab, which typically takes about two weeks, to make the prosthetic and ship it back to the clinic.

Patients are typically fitted with temporary veneers while they wait for their customized prosthetics. It paints a clearer picture of what the person's smile will look like once the dentist places the permanent veneers, and the temporary substitute protects teeth that have had their enamel removed.

The similarities and differences between the two main dental veneer options

Composite and porcelain veneers both provide the following benefits:

  • The patient's smile is significantly improved while preserving their real teeth
  • The patient gets a uniform smile
  • There is no specialized maintenance required

The benefits of composite veneers include:

  • Composites veneers are more affordable than their porcelain counterparts
  • These types of veneers are easier to repair if they get damaged
  • It only requires a single visit for installation

While the benefits of porcelain veneers are:

  • They last longer than composite veneers
  • They are the more natural looking option
  • Porcelain is very resistant to stains, so the prosthetics do not stain even if the person has bad habits that stain teeth like drinking lots of coffee or smoking

Creating beautiful smiles has never been easier

Thanks to veneers, you are only one or two dental clinic visits away from getting a set of teeth that look exactly how you want them to. Once you receive your veneers, you are free to go back to your routine, and the prosthetics do not require any additional care.

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