5 Things to Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety

Posted on: November 28, 2018


Understanding dental anxiety and addressing it adequately is paramount during treatment. Our dental services are built on these principles, making us the best bet for all of your dental solutions.

Aetiology of dental anxiety

Fear of bad breath or poor teeth condition

Aetiologically, dental anxiety can result from a wide array of conditions. Patients have individual fears and a good dentist hopes to create the best possible environment conducive for individual patient needs. Some patients feel reluctant to go in for dental care because they believe their teeth are in bad condition.

Minimal pain threshold

Some patients have a minimal threshold for pain. This combined with perception or tales of bad experiences from friends and family members can create a huge anxiety among patients. Some patients might equally have a phobia of needles and the thought of injections into their gums. Others might have phobias for drills or other surgical equipment that is used by a dentist. This can all lead to a negative build up of anxiety.

Expressivity Problems

Some patients might be introverts and find it very hard to express themselves. This introverted nature can make them dread discussing their dental problems with a dentist. This difficulty in their self expression can lead to a build up of dental anxiety. Feeling comfortable enough to express yourself whether it’s with friends or your dentist, is important.

Overcoming dental anxiety

Picking a dentist that you are comfortable with

Patients should feel related to and welcomed in the best possible way. Understanding that psychology pays a huge role in dental care is important. It’s important that staff are trained to be personable, welcoming and comforting to patients. In general, you should always ensure that you pick a dentist that you are comfortable with. This is very important because if you are not comfortable with your dentist, you may find it difficult to express yourself during times of difficulty.

Embracing modern pain numbing technologies

A wide variety of pain numbing drugs are available for preventing dental pain during and after dental surgery. Always feel free to tell your dentist how you feel during and after your visit to his clinic. A wide variety of drugs are now available for treating different forms of dental pain. Avail yourself to these possibilities and reduce all forms of discomfort.

Visit the dentist with a family member or friend

Going to the dentist with a family member or friend can help to reduce dental anxiety. Their presence can help reduce the tension and aid in relaxing your body.

Using antianxiety drugs and seeking professional help

Anti-anxiety drugs are available to patients suffering from severe cases of dental anxiety. They are to be prescribed only by an approved medical personnel. If used appropriately, anti-anxiety drugs can alleviate dental anxiety through their various pharmacological effects on the parasympathetic nervous system. In severe cases, you should visit a professional for help if you feel you that the various suggestions above have not yielded enough progress.

Under the right management you can overcome your dental anxiety. We believe strongly that with our modern dental care and facilities your dental anxiety problems can be a thing of the past.

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